July 28, 2022

How To Pick Startup Winners With Jason Calacanis

How To Pick Startup Winners With Jason Calacanis

Are you ready to start angel investing? In today's episode, we share the secret to creating long-term wealth, explain how to become a “sophisticated” investor, and discuss the downsides of crypto. Hosts Sahil Bloom and Greg Isenberg are joined by guest Jason Calacanis, the creator behind the All-In Podcast, a serial angel investor, and a leading entrepreneurial author. Jason explains the entrance costs to investing, shares why people need to validate their research, and then everyone places their bets on this week's “hot” stocks.

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02:11 The Original Crypto Investor & “Sophisticated Investors”

06:28 Crypto Tokens: Public Market or Scheme

12:02 Where is Web 3.0 in Five Years?

15:35 Breaking Ownership with Web 3.0

17:55 The Downside of crypto

21:19 Default Centralized in a Crisis

23:39 Free to Mint NFTs

26:12 The Entrance Costs to Investing

30:05 Being Honest on Upsides AND Downsides

35:52 Validate Your Crypto “Research”

38:16 #JTrading & Betting on Disney

40:36 Super Forecasting and Creating Processes

46:06 SNAP: Buy or Sell?

49:19 BuzzFeed: Buy or Sell?

51:34 The Secret to a $10M Net Worth: Index Funds

55:26 Behind the Scenes with the All-In Podcast

1:02:44 What Motivates Jason?

1:05:08 Manufacturing Peak Experiences