Sept. 8, 2022

Investing in Mental Health & Embracing Vulnerability with Andy Dunn

Investing in Mental Health & Embracing Vulnerability with Andy Dunn

Are you being honest with yourself? In today’s episode, we get vulnerable while sharing how upbringing impacts entrepreneurship, unpack why mental health is critical for businesses, and share the importance of embracing vulnerability. Host Sahil Bloom is joined by guest Andy Dunn, the co-founder of Bonobos, and the author of Burn Rate. Together they discuss the five buckets of wealth, share why you need to accept when you're wrong, and finally, they place their bets on the future of Direct-to-consumer brands in the bear market.

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00:00 Sneak Peek 

01:00 Introducing Andy Dunn’s Map of Reality 

05:50 Accepting your “Otherness” 

12:08 Andy’s Entrepreneurship Journey 

16:18 Finding Your True Calling 

20:16 Defining Wealth 

23:26 Happier but Not Happy 

26:19 The Bonobos Story 

33:06 Predicting the Future of D2C

40:38 A Bear Market Creates Focus 

42:45 Burn Rate 

43:43 Embracing Vulnerability 

49:03 Talking About Mental Health 

52:21 High Highs and Low Lows 

56:40 Investing in Mental Health 

1:00:54 A 2-Step Process to Working On Mental Health 

1:03:33 Where to Find Andy Dunn and his new book

1:06:38 Thanks for listening