Are you a founder at heart but afraid to act? Today we explore how to build a scalable venture, the best way to create arbitrage in the market, and why the time is now to start your start-up. Hosts Sahil Bloom and Greg Isenberg are joined by Val Kateyev, an immigrant turned serial entrepreneur who built his first company to $30M, all before his 20th birthday and from his parent's basement. Val offers his personal insight into how technology has expedited the timeline of creating a company, the industries that are ripe for innovation, and how leveraging debt could be the future of start-up funding.

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00:00 Sneak Peek
01:20 The Silk Road
04:01 Fundrise Ad
05:19 Riverside Ad
06:43 The Illegal Founder Story
09:17 Crypto Hack Pays $193 M
10:49 Are Conferences Necessary for Founders?
16:38 The Computer Kid: Val Introduction
19:36 The Rise of Affiliate Marketing
23:24 Val’s First Exit
26:03 The Half-Life of Marketing Channels
28:51 How Technology Expedited Ideation to Commitment
30:07 Creating Arbitrage in Music
31:46 Platform Shifts & Content Creation
32:46 Where to Build in today's world?
35:58 Riverside Ad
37:18 Fundrise Ad
38:40 An Inch Wide, but a Mile Deep
40:00 Business Brainstorm & The Immigrant Mentality
43:10 Financial Literacy & the Next Generation
44:50 Early Bird App
48:05 Launching a Business into the PTA
50:48 Using Game Dynamics to Teach & Invest
54:48 Debt is Underrated & SBA Loan Advice
1:01:00 Industrial Rentals VS Internet Companies
1:02:55 Know Your Game
1:07:51 Scaleability is a Necessity
1:10:00 Wrap Up
1:13:10 Thank You For Listening