What does the future of Twitter look like as it transitions to a private company? Sriram Krishnan joined us on the pod to explore that question. Sriram is a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz and host of "The Good Time Show.” With a focus on investing in crypto and web3, he brings a unique perspective to help us understand the shifting social media landscape. In this episode, we also cover the crashing stock market, Aku World’s $33 million mistake, and receive valuable advice from our guest on raising capital.

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Greg Isenberg: https://twitter.com/gregisenberg
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00:00 Welcome to Where It Happens
00:28 Greg’s second job as a busboy
01:40 MarketerHire Ad
02:38 Stock market trends and Sahil’s not financial advice
06:53 Understanding private markets and startup equity (https://twitter.com/nikitabier/status/1517970411295690752?s=20&t=ZF1txeFvTPWSLUIxPn3ZDA)
10:16 Business idea: education and management for employees
12:09 How the funding market has changed (https://twitter.com/HarryStebbings/status/1518945968833630208?s=20&t=ZF1txeFvTPWSLUIxPn3ZDA)
16:41 Welcoming our guest Sriram Krishnan
19:00 Aku World’s $33 million mistake
25:44 The challenges of Web3
30:19 Twitter’s Takeover
37:21 MarketerHire Ad
38:19 Algorithms and the importance of choice: a case study on Nikita Bier
40:38 Shifting social media concepts and valuing stakeholders
47:23 Twitter modifications: breaking down the logistics
51:00 Ben Thompson’s Back To The Future of Twitter (https://stratechery.com/2022/back-to-the-future-of-twitter/)
53:52 Twitter advertisements and the possibility of a subscription model
58:31 Twitter’s future
1:00:11 Bringing social tokens to Twitter
1:07:39 Advice for raising capital
1:15:20 Investing is a dream job
1:16:49 Thanks for listening

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