Storytelling is the future of brand building. How are you telling your story? In this episode, we explore what today's successful companies have in common, why brand is everything, and how to create a network from scratch. Hosts Sahil Bloom & Greg Isenberg are joined by guest Nick Saltarelli, an experienced entrepreneur and co-founder at Mid-Day Squares, the brand that gave the world functional chocolate. Nick is unapologetically himself, and today he shares his insights on how to leverage storytelling to build a strong brand and what it takes to create the next Nike.

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00:00 Sneak Peek
00:41 Greg’s Gorgeous Hair
02:49 Fundrise Ad
04:09 LMNT Ad 
05:46 Gotta Bring the Heat Framework
06:57 Lessons from the Grandmaster of Montreal Entrepreneurship: Rory Olson
11:18 Big Fish in a Small Pond or Little Fish in a Big Pond
12:43 Stop Over-Analyzing!
16:00 Brand is everything
18:15 How FIG’s won in a boring industry
22:06 Where CPG Companies go Wrong
31:34 The Narrative Around Manufacturing
34:23 Why Authenticity Will Bring You More Money  
35:07 LMNT Ad 
36:44 Fundrise Ad
39:22 Success Lies in Doing What you Want to
42:02 Nick’s WHY
45:38 Going Against Your Board
47:56 Earned Trust
53:16 Why Nick is Bullish on Control & the Board
57:50 Nick's Origin Story
1:00:40 The Era of Apprenticeship is NOT Dead
1:05:00 Follow Nick