Web 3.0 is the future, ready or not; are you? In today’s episode, we explain how Twitter increases earning & job potential, the ways Web 3 is revolutionizing the fitness and insurance industries, and why young people need to follow their interests and then double down. Hosts Sahil Bloom and Greg Isenberg are joined by guest Gaby Goldberg, who has become a pioneer in crypto, an expert in Web 3, and one of the earliest investors in The Chernin Group (TCG), all by the age of 23. Today Gaby shares the personal experiences that led her down the crypto rabbit hole, why young professionals are all in on Web 3, and shares the next generations biggest predictions for the future.

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00:00 Sneak Peek
00:38 Introducing Gaby Goldberg & Web 3
02:17 How Gaby Fell Down the Crypto Rabbit Hole
05:22 Lemon.IO Ad (https://lemon.io/room)
06:47 LMNT Ad
08:26 Follow and Invest In Your Smart Friends
10:17 Redefining “Friends”
11:28 Why You Need to Get on Twitter
13:21 The Future of Web 3
14:28 “STEPN” & Work to Earn
18:42 The Gamification of Fitness
20:38 Why Web 3 Apps Need their own Wallet
22:08 Amanda Young on STEPN (https://mirror.xyz/amandayoung.eth/C3ufD3-F)
22:46 Nat Eliason on STEPN (https://crypto.nateliason.com/p/stepn?s=r)
23:30 Gaby’s 4- Step Consumer Framework
30:38 Insurance in the Web 3 Space
34:36 Betting on Boomers
35:41 LMNT Ad
37:18 Lemon.io Ad (https://lemon.io/room)
38:44 Build for Web 3 Natives First
40:24 Points of Sale Insurance for NFTs
41:55 Hot Take: Seth Green’s Stolen Ape
45:02 Crypto and Venture require strong opinions
46:57 Advice for young people
50:48 Figure out what interests you. Then make it interesting to others.
53:18 Sorting through social garbage
55:03 Why block explorers are the future
1:01:38 Gaby’s biggest prediction for the future
1:05:38 Thanks for listening


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