What does the future of gaming look like on the blockchain? We’re joined by a leader in the space Ryan Wyatt (@Fwiz). He’s the former global head of gaming partnerships at Google and head of gaming at YouTube, where he also led their virtual and augmented reality business. Wyatt now serves as the CEO of Polygon Studios. In this episode of Where It Happens, Ryan discusses his path from high school gamer to successful businessman, the future of blockchain gaming, and the power behind play-to-earn.

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00:00 A note from our sponsors
02:12 Greg’s new do
03:27 About our guest Ryan Wyatt
04:27 Stripe gets friendly with crypto
12:00 Yuga Labs is printing money with the Bored Ape universe
14:30 Commercial Rights vs CC0
23:54 Welcoming our guest, Ryan Wyatt
26:35 Ryan’s path from high school gamer to founder***
32:02 Why Silicon Valley is overrated
34:15 Polygon’s founding story and Ryan’s driving force
36:04 Not your typical college drop out
41:00 The Crazy Idea Framework
42:59 Do we go to school for education or for a diploma?
49:37 Ryan’s red pill moment
55:17 Sifting through the shiny objects across the industry
57:37 How studios interact with Polygon
1:00:14 The future of Blockchain gaming
1:07:45 Play-to-earn
1:10:37 Ryan’s 5 year predictions

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