Does dopamine have you hooked on tech? If you find yourself unable to put down the phone, it may be time for a detox. Entrepreneur and investor Andrew Wilkinson walks us through his personal addiction and how getting off the grid for a technological rehab helped him bring back his inner fire. Andrew is a father, original thinker, and co-founder of Tiny, a not so tiny company that buys internet businesses. He joins hosts Sahil Bloom and Greg Isenberg to explore creative boredom, original thinking, building your board of personal advisors, and humans inability to manage risk.

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00:00 Sneak Peek
00:32 Houses as an Office?
02:21 LMNT Ad
03:57 Fundrise Ad
05:25 Getting Off the Grid
07:28 Technological Detox, Addiction & Relapse
11:45 The Gamification of Apps
13:30 Becoming a Man of Moderation
16:18 Creative Boredom
18:27 Buying Happiness or Selling Sadness
19:23 The Noise Bottleneck & Original Thinking
23:19 Why Andrew Lives in Victoria
26:08 What Game are we Playing & How Do You Win?
31:13 Fundrise Ad
32:20 LMNT Ad
34:07 Build Slow and Avoid the Noise
41:51 Perception & Reality Gap
43:43 The Personal Advisory Board
46:47 A Tale of Two Men
48:47 Nick Gray’s Friends Newsletter (
50:18 Actions that make you happy
52:17 Tom Green: the Happiest Man on Earth?
53:03 The Lost Art of Meeting New People
59:01 “Interesting Only” Cocktail Party
1:00:00 Losing Our Kids & Public Spaces
1:03:52 Human Inability To Manage Risk
1:05:36 Thanks for listening


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